End of Year Resources

End of Year Information:


Important Reminder: MCSJ only holds 10 years of Finance data, so be sure to schedule your purge before running your end of year by clicking HERE.

Finance Purge Process

Payroll Tax Table Process/Information

MGL Tax Form Information

Please find the recordings of 2021 Calendar End of Year (EOY) videos below:

NJ Tax EOY Procedures Video

Payroll EOY Procedures Video

GAAP Finance EOY Procedures Video

NJ Finance EOY Procedures Video

Tax and Utility EOY Procedures Video

ACA EOY Processing Video

Budget Prep and Journal Entries Video | Documentation


Please find the necessary manuals below for Calendar End of Year (EOY).

GAAP Finance EOY
NJ Finance EOY
Budget Prep EOY
Property Tax EOY (Non-NJ)
Utility Billing EOY
Personnel EOY
2021 ACA Documentation
W2 Processing

Please find the necessary FAQs for Calendar End of Year (EOY).

Tax & Utility EOY Tips

Payroll EOY Tips

Finance EOY Tips

Please find the necessary resources for Kronos and Optimum Calendar End of Year (EOY).

Kronos Year End 2021 

Payroll Services Year End Guide 2021

Ready Year End Resources – a full list of all year end related resources.

Payroll Year End Checklist – this also includes helpful links to checklist-specific items for more assistance.

ACA Year End Checklist – used to guide completions of ACA reports for each eligible employer.