NJ Executive Order

NJ Executive Order Updates

3/18/22 Update

To assist with compliance of P.L. 2021 c. 317, changes to MCSJ are accessible after a code update in versions 2020.1 or greater. Code must be dated 3/18/22 or greater. Hosted clients were updated on 3/20/22.

The following optional MCSJ Utility interest changes have been made available:

     1. Utility users have the option to exempt selected utility service (i.e., Water, Sewer and/or Electric) delinquencies with due dates between 3/9/20 and 3/15/22 from interest until 3/15/22. If the user chooses to include a service, interest on those delinquencies will calculate from 3/15/22 instead of the original due date. Changes are only applicable to accounts with a “Residential” Account Type.

     2. Users will have the ability to indicate an account’s service is in an “Executive Order Payment Plan”, which will completely stop the interest calculation on any charges that remain open and have due dates between 3/9/20 and 3/15/22.

Please note: There are no changes to lien subsequent charge interest being released at this time. Lien interest will continue to calculate normally. With proper security, users may change interest in the lien redemption Payment Window if any adjustments are required. Also, all changes related to stopping Utility interest released with the original Executive Order 190 changes have been removed. These changes had optionally allowed for stopping all Utility interest on a service for residential accounts by putting a leading “9” in the Utility grace day parameters.

UTILITY WIPP CLIENTS: If you plan to activate the Executive Order changes, please do it as soon as possible after the code update and send a new WIPP export to update the site with the correct interest.

Instructions on Updating Code
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